Law Reform

National campaign and petition calling for law reform for life sentencing for rapist murderers

Eileen Culleton is calling for national law reform for mandatory life sentencing without parole for rapist murderers because she believes they should never be given another chance to repeat their crimes.

She is also calling for murder with sexual assault to be made a stand alone crime  to reflect its gravity and to enable specific mandatory sentencing.

It is her belief that strong sentencing for the crime of rape and murder will send a strong message in society and help to reduce all violent crimes against women.

Eileen launched her campaign with a petition on on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and 16 Days of Activism.

National Campaign

Eileen’s campaign has received national coverage on print, radio, TV and online including:

The Project

The Project 25112020
The Project 25 November 2020 Watch Now >>

News Limited ran articles across the nation in newspapers including:

The Daily Telegraph in NSW

The Daily Telegraph 5 December 2020 p12

The Australian

The Australian covered the campaign with an article from SA Correspondent David Penberthy who has also given a voice to Eileen since 2019 through breakfast radio program David&Will on Fiveaa from the time she campaigned for her sister’s rapist murderer Jonathan Bakewell’s parole to be cancelled after numerous parole breaches.

The Australian 30 April 2021 p7


The campaign received coverage on ABC Q&A on 2 September 2021 Women’s National Safety Summit program when her question about law reform was featured

Eileen’s law reform campaign was further profiled in an ABC article covering the Q&A program

ABC 3 September 2021

Women’s online media

Women’s Agenda and Mamamia also covered the campaign

Women's Agenda article 02122020
Women’s Agenda 2 December 2020
Mamamia 16 December 2020

“I encourage you to support this campaign by signing and sharing the petition. Together we can make law reform a reality. Together we can make our nation safer for women and children.” Eileen Culleton

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