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Eileen launched the South Australia law reform campaign calling for murder with sexual assault to be made a separate crime with a sentence of mandatory life with no parole in April 2021.

Eileen launched the campaign in South Australia after her sister’s rapist murderer Jonathan Bakewell was taken into custody after a fifth parole breach for drug taking, after having been released multiple times into the community. Eileen had been fighting to keep him behind bars since his second breach.

The Advertiser, 26 April 2021 p9

Since 2019 Eileen had been campaigning for Bakewell’s parole to be cancelled after multiple breaches for taking the same drugs he took the night he murdered Eileen’s sister Anne-Marie Culleton.

After getting nowhere with the SA Parole Board or the SA Government (former Liberal government), Eileen launched a national campaign calling for law reform for murder with sexual assault to be made a stand alone crime with a mandatory life sentence with no parole. The law reform campaign received media coverage in print, radio and TV news.

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ABC Breakfast Adelaide with Ali Clarke Interview with Eileen Culleton 4 May 2021

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Responses by the government and the opposition

Labor Government

In May 2021 Eileen received a commitment from the SA Premier Peter Malinauskas (when he was Opposition Leader) and Kyam Maher (then Shadow Attorney General) to work with her on this potential law reform. This was reported in The Australian.

The Australian 30 April 2021 p7

To date no progress has yet been made. Eileen Culleton looks forward to progressing this law reform now the Labor party is in power.


Former SA Attorney General Vickie Chapman rejected the law reform call outright.

Eileen Culleton will continue to reach out to the Liberals, now in Opposition because she strongly believes women’s safety and this law reform to protect women from rape and murder should be a non partisan issue. Eileen Culleton is committed to working with all parties across the nation to implement this critical law reform for women’s safety.

Background information on Eileen’s SA campaign

Parole Board releases Bakewell for the fifth time in June 2021

For the fifth time, in June 2021, the South Australia Parole Board released rapist murderer Jonathan Bakewell back into the community. Outraged, Eileen campaigned again in the media, renewing her call for law reform as the only way to guarantee community safety. The campaign received coverage on TV, radio and print.

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7 News Adelaide 15 June 2021

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SA Labor commitment to consider the law reform

In May 2021 Eileen received a commitment from the SA Labor Opposition leader Peter Malinauskas and Shadow Attorney General Kyam Maher to work with her on this potential law reform.

Petition Update

Petition Update 2 May 2021

Bakewell parole finally cancelled after 6th breach in Oct 2021

In October 2021 after Bakewell breached again for the sixth time and his parole was finally cancelled, Eileen campaigned again for law reform, arguing that it was only a matter of time before Bakewell would be granted parole again and be back on the streets and a risk to women.

This coincided with her murdered sister Anne-Marie Culleton’s birthday, 27 October. Once again the law reform campaign was included in the media coverage.

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7 News Adelaide 27 October 2021

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Petition update

Petition Update 31 October 2021

Bakewell supreme court application for new non parole period

On 31 January 2022, only 3 months after Bakewell’s parole was cancelled after 6 parole breaches for taking the same drug he took the night he raped and murdered Anne-Marie Culleton, Bakewell appeared before the Supreme Court to apply for a new non-parole period.

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Eileen Culleton was not even advised and was outraged. The first she heard was when she was contacted by the media for comment. She contacted the DPP requesting to make a submission and also went to the media with her call for Bakewell’s parole application to be refused.

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The Advertiser 31 January 2022

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Eileen Culleton makes a victim impact statement at Supreme Court hearing for Bakewell’s parole application

Facing her sister’s rapist murderer for the first time in 34 years Eileen Culleton appeared before the Supreme Court reading out her victim impact statement in which she pleaded with the Chief Justice to refuse to grant Bakewell a new nonparole period.

Read the Victim Impact Statement here:

Eileen also spoke to the media after the court hearing in which the judge deferred his decision to a later date.

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7 News Adelaide 28 February 2022

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Bakewell given green light for parole by Director of Public Prosecutions and Chief Justice

Eileen Culleton was outraged that the South Australia Director of Public Prosecutions Martin Hinton and the Chief Justice Chris Kourakis gave the green light to rapist murderer Jonathan Bakewell to be given parole after having it cancelled for 6 drug breaches.

Speaking to the media on 21 April 2022 Eileen called for the Attorney General Kyam Maher to take action by calling an urgent review into the Director of Public Prosecutions handling of the case.

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Bakewell new parole application hearing planned for August

A week after being granted by the SA Chief Justice Chris Kourakis a new 6 month non parole period backdated to October when his parole was cancelled, Bakewell again applied for parole. His hearing is scheduled for August. Eileen will once again be fighting for Bakewell’s parole application to be refused, based on the ongoing danger he poses to women in the community.

How to help the SA Law Reform Campaign

Your voice has power in telling the politicians that South Australia’s current sentencing is not in line with community expectations for crimes of murder with sexual assault and that you want this law reform to keep rapist murderers behind bars for life.

Please consider the following actions:

Sign the Petition

By signing and sharing the petition Life For Rapist Murderers you will help send a collective message to the politicians that this is an issue that is important to the community

Contact politicians

You may also want to call or email them to ask them for their commitment to support this law reform.

South Australia Attorney General

Hon Kyam Maher
Phone: 08 7332 7050

Legislative Council

SA House of Assembly

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