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Aside from the initial media coverage by the Herald Sun of the launch, Eileen has not yet progressed the campaign in Victoria because she was instead fighting the Victoria gag law silencing families of deceased sexual assault victims.

In 2020 and 2021 Eileen Culleton campaigned alongside the #LetUsSpeak campaign to successfully amend the proposed Victorian gag law, the Justice Legislation Amendment (Supporting Victims and Other Matters) Bill 2020 which planned to take away the rights of families of deceased sexual assault victims from publicly identifying their loved ones.

Eileen fought for victim families, their loved ones, the media and advocates to maintain their right to publish the names of murdered rape victims. This right includes publishing on social media.

NT News 28 October 2020

Eileen argued that murdered rape victims names need to be spoken and the stories of the crimes need to be told. For humanity, for justice and for community protection.

For more information see the Victoria Gag Law Campaign page.

Eileen plans to request a meeting with the Attorney General  Jaclyn Symes to discuss the proposed law reform in early 2022.

How to help the law reform campaign

Your voice has power in telling the politicians that Victoria’s current sentencing is not in line with community expectations for crimes of murder with sexual assault and that you want this law reform to keep rapist murderers behind bars for life. Please consider the following actions:

Sign the Petition

By signing and sharing the petition Life For Rapist Murderers you will help send a collective message to the politicians that this is an issue that is important to the community.

Email politicians

You may also want to email them. See below for their contact details:

VIC Attorney General Jaclyn Symes

Phone: Electorate office: 03 5783 2000 Parliament House: 03 8684 1111

VIC Politicians

Contact details for members of parliament