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The West Australian 5 December 2020

The national campaign launch received coverage in the The West Australian on 5 December 2020.

Judge refuses to sentence Claremont serial killer to life “never to be released”

Eileen was outraged that on 23 December 2020 Justice Stephen Hall refused to sentence Claremont serial killer and rapist Bradley Edwards to life “never to be released” stating that his crimes were not deemed the “worst category of murder”.

Eileen spoke out on Twitter:

In further media interviews around the nation Eileen said the justice system in this country was now totally broken as a result of Justice Hall’s decision.

“If a serial killer and rapist is not deemed worst category what is? Our justice system is clearly broken,” Eileen said.

Eileen said Justice Stephen Hall’s refusal to sentence serial killer and rapist Bradley Edwards “never to be released” has now removed any hope for life sentences with no parole for other offenders who rape and murder.

She said due to the principle of precedent it is now going to be virtually impossible for a rapist murderer to receive a sentence of life with no parole. And even if a judge wanted to give this sentence, they would be reluctant because it would be appealed as “manifestly excessive” with the sentence compared to that given to serial killer rapist Bradley Edwards.

Sentencing of rapist murderer Mathew Hemsley to only 23 years nonparole

In fact this was borne out in the sentencing of Julie Anne Cooper’s rapist murderer Matthew Mark Hemsley on February 2021. Despite Justice Bruno Fiannaca describing Hemsley as “ruthless” “depraved” and “mysogynistic” and saying there was “every prospect” Hemsley would remain a threat to the community upon his release from prison, he did not sentence him to life behind bars, “never to be released” which was an option available to him.

Instead Justice Fiannaca sentenced Hemsley to just 23 years non parole which means Hemsley could be released from prison at 54 years of age, just as dangerous and capable of repeating his crime.

This is an outrage. Eileen spoke out on Facebook in response to a post by The Red Heart Campaign.

Facebook comment on The RED HEART Campaign post 16 February 2021 Read More >>

Eileen said this weak sentencing is a prime example of why murder with sexual assualt needs to be made a stand alone crime carrying a mandatory life sentence with no parole.

Eileen said she looks forward making contact with the Attorney General John Quigley in early 2022 and to having discussions with all parties. She hopes this important law reform for the safety of women can become a bipartisan issue, given the Australian crisis of violence against women.

For more information on why the law reform and mandatory sentencing is needed, please refer to FAQs page.

How to help the law reform campaign

Your voice has power in telling the politicians that Western Australia’s sentencing laws are not in line with community expectations for crimes of murder with sexual assault and that you want this law reform to keep rapist murderers behind bars for life. Please consider the following actions:

Sign the Petition

By signing and sharing the petition Life For Rapist Murderers you will help send a collective message to the politicians that this is an issue that is important to the community.

Email politicians

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Western Australia Attorney General John Quigley

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Ph: 9562 0510
Email: john.quigley@mp.wa.gov.au

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